dietitian serving meal to patients

Health Choice Home Care Service, LLC offers the services of a Licensed Dietitian to complement our care programs. As experts in the science of nutrition, your dietitian will review your current health standing, your prescribed care plan, and the therapy services you are presently undergoing.

He or she will then recommend a meal plan to maximize your current set of treatments. Everything has to be in sync – your medical history, your current therapy programs, the food you take, and the way that the food is prepared. Many things have to be considered and all of them are for your benefit.

Because our agency aims to give you a holistic response to your health needs, we make sure that all aspects of the care we provide will suit you. Not all clients have the same conditions so there’s no reason why they should all share the same diet.

Dietitians from our agency will thoroughly review your current health and your intent for a change in your diet. We help clients who have special cases like diabetic patients with a low-sugar diet, athletes who are training for a sports event, or new mothers who are nursing their infants. We also train patients (and family members who are the designated caregivers) in the preparation of food, the right amount of servings per meal, and the schedule of taking meals.

Let’s begin the services with an initial consultation. Please give us a call to set a schedule – 248-336-9522.